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Dylan's mother provides a timeline beginning on Sunday Nov 18th.

Dylan Redwine flew to Durango Airport, landed and was picked up by his father Sunday evening.

Dylan made plans to arrive at his friends house the next morning (Monday) to hang out.

Dylan's father, Mark Redwine, told me he stirred around the house early in the morning to wake Dylan but he didn't want to get up, so he went to town without him.

He told me he ran errands in Durango during the morning and returned home at 11:30 a.m. to find Dylan gone from the house. (His where abouts during this time has been confirmed by investigators)

Dylan's cell phone and belongings are also missing.

People reported seeing him walking but all of those reports turned out to be unsubstantiated. (There is another older boy at the lake who looks similar to Dylan)

At 4:15 Mark said he went to the friends house that Dylan was supposed to be hanging with to see if Dylan showed up there. Finding 2 of Dylan's friends there they said they had been trying to contact him all day to no avail.

Mark then said he went to the Marshal's office to express his concern that he couldn't find Dylan.

Dylan's mother was notified Monday afternoon that her son was missing and she drove immediately from Colorado Springs to Durango to aid in the search. Dylan's brother and other family members accompanied her, she arrived Monday night.

La Plata County search and rescue searched for Dylan Monday night and all day Tuesday.

Mark was cooperative with the police and they were allowed to do a preliminary search of his home.

Search dogs detected a scent on the road near Marks house, but it couldn't be verified that it was Dylan's because at the time there was nothing for the dog's to catch a scent from.

Dylan's cell phone records have been checked. And his phone activity is monitored at all times. His phone has been turned off since Sunday night. GPS is not available on his phone.

All sex offenders in the area have been checked and accounted for.

The lake and surrounding areas have been searched and scoured to include, abandoned buildings, houses, barns, sheds etc.

2 cadaver dogs, separately catch a scent from a boat off of the dam.

Divers were brought in but the altitude, depth of the lake and temperature of the lake prevent them from diving for more than 20 -30 mins at a time. And they can only dive once a day. They were unable to find anything the first day.

Boats with hi-tech sonar were brought in and the entire area in front of the dam was checked. Nothing was found.

A task force was formed and house to house, business to business interviews are being conducted from the dam on the south end of the lake to the north end of the lake.

Dylan is finally not considered to be a run away by authorities. (Family and friends have maintained this fact since day one.)

A search warrant was issued to search Mark's property, to include his house and his vehicles. The Sheriff's office maintains that Mark is not a suspect. The search of his home by the task force is because that was the last area that Dylan was presumably in and they have to start somewhere. This is standard in missing cases.

Helicopters were in the air again on Day 15, boats on the lake again as well. Nothing was found that we are aware of.

There are currently 45-50 officials made up of the FBI, CBI, La Plata County sheriff's personal and other agencies assigned to the Dylan Redwine Task Force.

Day 20 - over 320 people made up of volunteers and law enforcement search almost 60 miles of roads and back country terrain for Dylan. Several things were tagged and 10 items picked up for further examining, but LE has said nothing about whether they were valid clues or not.

Day 21 - Volunteers return again to the lake and walk the shoreline looking for clues.

Day 23 - A helicopter spent about an hour over the Vallecito lake area again

Day 23 - Over 1000 people turn out for a benefit to raise money towards the Find Dylan Redwine Fund.

Day 24 - We are able to increase the reward to 11,000 dollars with funds made at the benefit dinner.

Day 33 or 34 Blood hounds were brought in to see if they could pick up any scent of Dylan. They were taken around to the same areas that had been covered before and no scent was found.

Day 39 - the reward is increased now to $20,000.

Day 50 - reward increased to $30,450 due to a private donor in Denver.  There is another benefit planned in Monument January 17th to attempt to increase the reward further.

We still have no leads, no clues. Nothing to find Dylan.

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This is the approximate area where Dylan was last seen.